Changes? I’ve seen a few.

I was out camping under the stars the other night, and my thoughts turned, as
they do, to simple matters.
Since I’ve been away, I’ve been keeping up with technology shifts and what’s
needed out there by developers like you. So let’s just say, I’m really surprised
by all the bloated software that’s around.
When I was a Borlander, some of you guys will remember that the company
had an edge, a vibrancy – we were almost anti-establishment at the time. I liked
that a lot, and I still do.
It meant we developed tools and software that were richer and leaner to take on
the big boys. It was all about being usable and very lightweight. Which meant
that what you bought from Borland did more, and cost less.
Now I happen to think nothing should have changed on that front, whether
you’re a lone developer or an enterprise. In fact, looking at the soaring price of
a burrito in the current economy, there’s never been a more important time to
deliver great value to the customer. And that takes great, affordable software.
So now you know where Frank stands, I’d like to know where you stand. Are
you an advocate of massive tools? What really needs fixed? Let me know,
because I’m back to answer your needs.

About Mike Coulter

I can see the future & I can prove it: Registered the .com domain DigitalAgency: 1997, Accepted for D&AD: 1984, 1st Tweet: 2006. Joined @BlondeDigital 2013.
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