With ‘alleged’ sightings of me all across the planet, here’s a video of a bunch of folks ‘being Frank’:

I’m flattered.



About Mike Coulter

I can see the future & I can prove it: Registered the .com domain DigitalAgency: 1997, Accepted for D&AD: 1984, 1st Tweet: 2006. Joined @BlondeDigital 2013.
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  1. Kaare Danielsen says:

    I can tell you who invented Frank Borland. He was invented by Niels Jensen, one of the original founders of Borland International.
    Kaare Danielsen, author of Turbo GameWorks back in 1985

  2. Hi Kaare,

    There are so many imposters out there. But I just pinched myself to check, and yep, I’m really here. I even have an old copy of your handbook – you wouldn’t believe how much chess I played while away. Thanks for checking out my blog.


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