Test Cases: ‘A waste of time’ ?

In a recent Linkedin discussion on the Software Testing and QA Group, a participant posted the opinion in the headline above.

According to him, “Creating Test Cases is just a waste of time rather we should utilize the time in doing testing. what is your opinion?”

For what it’s worth, here’s my 2¢: I used to think creating test cases was a waste of time. I was a lone wolf, running a small team, but now I see collaboration as key.

Teams are all over the world and use cases go beyond what we think users will do – all the different devices, operating systems, browsers, cultures etc. Taking the time up-front can save countless hours of rework and unpleasant user experiences. Plus once you create test cases, you can use them over and over again adding as you go with minimal effort.

What’s also important is to tie testing in with requirements management.

The cost of rework is very high if requirements are not vetted and understood by everyone. And of course you have to factor in new testers coming on-board too. People change jobs frequently, so what happens when you lose someone? Where does the new tester jump in with minimum disruption?

You really don’t want to have to start over.

The right tools make all of the above that bit easier to manage.

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