My weekend online viewing:

At 90 minutes long, it’s a bit of an ask for anybody to watch this all the way through, but there’s some great and engaging stuff in it from the old days.

I watched this hugely engaging interview from Chase Jarvis’ this weekend.

His guest was Robert Scoble, described as: ‘gadget lover, technology savant, and Silicon Valley insider’

Robert’s Dad was an engineer in Silicon Valley when Scoble was a kid. And he saw a lot from a very privileged position.

And as he says; ever since then he’s been at then cross-roads of the old to the new in tech.

He reminisces around Mac Classic days, Basic Compilers, Pagemaker, (remember that kids?), RAM was $450 a MB, (not GB; MB!) how Steve Wozniak helped him set up a media lab at University.

Then moves onto a bit of crystal ball gazing, looking at the ‘internet of things’, new gadgets, and start-ups worth looking into.

Oh and he also promo’s (quite rightly) his new book.

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