Affordable mobile testing – and it’s on the mobile itself

I’ve been talking a lot about delivering lightweight, easy to use, affordable software. Now that I’m back, instead of just talking lightweight, here’s a new Borland solution that demonstrates exactly what I mean – Silk Mobile.

There are plenty of mobile testing tools out there that charge far more for a single seat of their tool than a single seat of Silk Mobile. And I can honestly say for Real Device Testing, Silk Mobile does more – quick and easily – than any lookalike.

As a tester you simply hook up your mobile device via USB or WiFi to your computer, create tests in minutes and export them to C#, Java, Python or Perl. Since we truly believe in open software at Borland, you could even export tests to IBM-Rational’s Functional Tester (RFT) or SmartBear’s TestComplete (if that’s what floats your boat), but naturally it integrates with Silk Central Test Manager.

There’s a real explosion in the number of mobile devices and platforms out there today. So for everyone who needs the widest platform support including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and HTML5, Silk Mobile delivers. With its no coding, visual approach, this is way to get mobile apps tested and released sooner – and that’s the kind of software I really appreciate. There’s more about Silk Mobile here.


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1 Response to Affordable mobile testing – and it’s on the mobile itself

  1. Hi Frank,
    Nice writeup on Silk Mobile – seems very elegant. Thanks so much for mentioning SmartBear’s TestComplete. It’s a feature rich tool and works incredibly well for us as well for thousands of end users and customers!
    /Prashant from SmartBear aka @bloggerbear

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