Try before you buy – a great way to develop

We all know it’s impossible to develop quality software without understanding the user requirements for the finished product. But when it comes to tracking and sharing these desired features with the development team? Well that can become a really tedious, and often disorganized, process.

So for me, and as it happens, the Caliber team at Borland, the way forward is to combine visual and text based requirements management in one easy-to-use solution.

Visualization helps to accelerate the elicitation process, identify gaps and ensures a more complete set of requirements from inception to release. Even better, visualization means your new systems can be mocked up and go through user acceptance before development begins – so it’s kinda like ‘try before you buy’ as an analogy.

This has got to be a way to save development time and money; and most importantly from my point of view, ensure that the customer gets what they want. The guys at Borland have worked hard on release 11 of Caliber, so it’s well worth a look.

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