Test together, and test across all browsers

I’ve never seen application testing as being just about the technical side – important though us coders are for making things happen. The way I see it, when a new application makes it out into the real world, it’s going to be used by folk who aren’t technical but just want their stuff to work. So why not get everyone who can make that happen – including your business analysts –involved from the start?

What we really need to make that work is fully automated testing that really is easy to use, and flexible enough so that business analysts, software testers and developers can all work together. That way, you end up with great applications, for everyone.

This thinking has been the inspiration for the latest release of Silk Test which I’ve take a little trial of recently. It’s version 13.5 and so up to date it’s the first automated testing solution to work with Windows 8 and the latest browsers like Chrome, IE 10 and Firefox. I played around with a single script that happily tested all those browsers, making it really quick and easy to check the quality of what you’re creating.

If you’re a SAP eCATT or Visual Studio 2012 user, it worth checking out too, since it fully integrates with those environments. Smooth testing for everyone? It’s the kind of thing that makes me happy to be back…

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