Ask questions for my big interview with Borland on 10 December.


I’ve spent many months asking what developers are looking for, and now I have the perfect platform to put across your views.

I have an up close and personal interview arranged with Borland’s General Manager – Stuart McGill – on 10th December, and I’ll be videoing the interview too, so everyone can share the outcome.

I already have many questions I want to ask Borland about their current direction, how they plan to deliver game-changing software, and where they stand on agile development, mobile, cloud etc. And just as important – what they’re doing to support you, the developer.

But this is also a great chance for me to ask your questions, so I’d like to put the three best questions I receive to Borland. Don’t hold back – ask whatever’s on your mind. Drop them to me here or on the Community site – where Borland have now kindly given me my own forum.

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2 Responses to Ask questions for my big interview with Borland on 10 December.

  1. Steve says:

    What would you say was the role of a software tester in an agile environment? Is it testing & logging bugs or is it more important to work closely with the project architects and developers to improve the design and code early on?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this, I’ll add it to my list of questions for Stuart.

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