Christmas with a crash? Let’s hope not

We’re all getting ready for Christmas, but not quite in the same way as QA and

Test Specialists. For you guys, Christmas delivers peak loads that will push
your websites to the limit.

There are some harsh consumer statistics out there that demonstrate you have
to get this peak load testing right – how about the fact that a 1-second delay
in Web response time can reduce conversions by 7%, page views by 11% and
customer satisfaction by 16%?

Quite frightening. But like most Christmas rushes, it doesn’t have to be
that way! What’s proved difficult in the past has been testing massive loads
economically – you just can’t afford to build those giant test infrastructures.

Nowadays, though, with the Borland’s market leading Silk Performer solution
you can simulate massive test loads without huge investment – at the level you
choose – including cloud integration. It’s kinda cool to be able to think your
website can be crash-tested well in advance for these peak periods, but also that
its performance is better tested all 365 days of the year. A website that’s down
can cost potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue – and that’s not just for

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