“On the first day of Christmas, Frank Borland gave to me… a copy of Tur-bo Pas-cal !”

Recipe Commision, London, Britain - 10 Dec 2012

For the next 12 days, I’m going to be doing a little reminiscing, photo posting and linking to create my perfect 12 days of Christmas tune.

First up is my personal copy of Turbo Pascal. Note the cool 5.25” format (or
133mm if you must) that was totally cutting edge at the time. I remember Turbo
Pascal well and I bet some of you do too – the first great IDE and programming
language that we had the privilege to cut our teeth on.

Feel free to join in on my 12 days of Christmas with your own lyric
suggestions: 5 Apps Compiling? 9 Bugs-a-Reproducing? I’m still making up
my mind as to what should go in.

Best wishes,


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