“On the second day of Xmas, Frank Borland gives to you… two Borland stars:”

I think these guys really are inspirational. I met with Stuart McGill once again
yesterday for an exclusive interview, which you’ll soon see featured here. Stuart
is General Manager of Borland, and really has a grasp of where Borland’s going
and what it needs to do deliver to its loyal developer community. As well as
that, he knows Borland’s technologies inside out.

Likewise, Mark Conway who is Director of Product Development, has terrific
architectural oversight, and he’s a coder like me who started writing software
aged 15 (around the same time as me actually). I take my hat off to both of these
Borland stars. They really do have your interests at heart.

So we now have…

“On the second day of Christmas,
Frank Borland gave to me
Two Borland stars,
And a copy of Turbo Pas-cal!..”

Send over any suggestions on how you want the song to go and what you want
to see.

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