“On the third day of Christmas Frank Borland gives to you… three great testers:”

If you want to know about rapid software testing, the man to follow is Michael Bolton. He’s the first of my chosen three great testers to feature. Michael travels the world teaching the craft of software testing to businesses and individuals. He’s a prolific writer and I like to keep up with his many articles, essays and work. (See too @michaelbolton on Twitter.)

Mark Tomlinson, second up, also writes and consults on the topics of software testing and performance. His blog in particular ‘tells it like it is’ on subjects ranging from real world performance testing to website benchmarking. Mark is one bookmark I’ll never delete. And another great Twitter follow: @mtomlins

Last and never least, Lisa Crispin (@lisacrispin on Twitter), who in her own words “brings agile joy to the software testing world and testing joy to the agile development world.” As a testing practitioner, it’s her job to help traditional testers make the transition to agile teams, and she does it very well. I’m a mule man myself, but donkey time sounds pretty cool too.


(More from Lisa and her pals here)


(An old picture of me with my mule ‘Lotus’)

So, to my 3 great testers I say ‘take a bow’ and you are more than welcome to guest feature on my blog anytime.

So here are my lyrics so far:

“On the third day of Christmas, 
Frank Borland gave to me
Three great testers,
Two Borland stars,
And a copy of Turbo Pascal.”

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1 Response to “On the third day of Christmas Frank Borland gives to you… three great testers:”

  1. lisacrispin says:

    I loved Turbo Pascal!
    I am honored to be included here, and Chester and Ernest and I are all honored to be pictured.
    Lotus looks like an awesome mule!
    Thanks so much, your kind words mean so much to me.

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