“On the sixth day of Christmas, Frank Borland gives to you… 6 mobile trends”… these are sure to keep testers busy in 2013:

We all need to keep up with mobile trends if we’re going to develop successful apps. So to deliver the innovations and quality our customers expect, testing has to keep up too.

Here is a link to Techiestuffs ‘Top 6 cutting edge mobile application trends’ which is definitely worth a quick look.

My view? You guessed it: lean, agile and affordable is the way to go. Whether
it’s pay as you go on mobile, video on the go or even context-awareness on the
go, by using real-time, real mobile user interface testing, we can work directly
with the devices we want to test. That makes life a whole lot easier for testers,
particularly if you’ve got the broad platform support of Silk Mobile.

There I go again, taking over the debate. So the question is – how do you see
mobile trends affecting your test workloads in 2013?



Here are my lyrics so far by the way:

On the sixth day of Christmas, Frank Borland gives to you… Six mobile trends, Five I-D-E’s, Four USBs, Three great testers, Two Borland stars, And a copy of Turbo Pascal.”

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