“On the ninth day of Christmas, Frank Borland gives to you… 9 mobile apps… and not an Angry Bird in sight.”

Where would be without them? From addictive games to must-have productivity tools, apps are driving the explosion of mobile devices worldwide. The best mobile apps increasingly have features that are unique to the environment, so they are far more than just mobile extensions of their online counterparts.

As apps become more sophisticated, so must the testing, and we all know how many platforms and devices that means. (Or do we? In China alone, I hear that 500 million phones alone are bought each year – quite amazing.) There’s a lot of room for error, so the best functional testing should be high on any developer’s Christmas shopping list.

Check out these 9 free apps if you’re an iPhone user or if you’re an Android user here are your free top 9.

So, the sing-along so far goes:

“On the ninth day of Christmas, Frank Borland gave to me:

Nine mobile apps, Eight bloggers blogging, Seven agile myths, Six mobile trends,

Five I-D-Es,…

Four USBs, Three testers, Two Borland stars,

And a copy of Turbo Pascal!”

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