“On the eleventh day of Christmas, Frank Borland gives to you… 11 tweeters tweeting…I take my hat off to you all.”

As you well know I’m a tweeter myself – @Frank_Borland – so although I appreciate the efforts of everyone, I decided to give a shout out to some technically-inclined tweeters. Like me they’re developers, technology lovers, coders and testers to the core and there are plenty of great links and thoughts here. So don’t forget to follow them and follow me @FrankBorland in 2013.

1. Pamela Fox: https://twitter.com/pamelafox

2. Mike Orzen: https://twitter.com/MikeOrzen

3. Alison Gianotto: https://twitter.com/snipeyhead

4. Jurgen Appelo: https://twitter.com/jurgenappelo

5. Lorna Mitchell: https://twitter.com/lornajane

6. Robert C Martin, (Uncle Bob): https://twitter.com/unclebobmartin

7.  Ligaya Turmelle: https://twitter.com/lig

8.  Kane Mar: https://twitter.com/scrumology

9. Girl Develop It: https://twitter.com/girldevelopit

10. Ministry of Testing: https://twitter.com/testingclub

11. Amber-Lee Wolverton: https://twitter.com/thecodegoddess

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