“On my twelfth day of Christmas, Frank Borland gives to you… 12 coders coding… top guys from Borland!”

12 coders coding
What better way to end our 12 day ditty than with a photo of some unsung heroes of Borland – the coders like me who work day and night (OK, just daytime for me these days). It’s easy to forget that Borland is a development company at heart, facing the same issues and challenges of delivering high quality software on time and to budget as yourselves. These 12 folks are not only developing the next generation of software for us, they’re doing it using many of Borland’s own technologies.

Now, for everyone who’s followed my 12 day carol extravaganza – thank you! – and you can all join in the sing-song. It goes like this (clearing his throat):

“On the twelfth day of Christmas,
Frank Borland gave to me
Twelve coders coding,
Eleven tweeters tweeting,
Ten software failures,
Nine mobile apps,
Eight bloggers blogging,
Seven agile myths,
Six mobile trends,
Five I-D-Es,
Four USBs,
Three testers,
Two Borland stars,
And a copy of Turbo Pascal!”

Happy Holidays to you all!

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