Get out of jailbreaking – go straight to Borland

iOS 6.1 has been released and it raises the thorny issue of jailbreaking again. The unofficial stats from Apple show that iOS 6 represents 80% of the Apple market. As Hackers have only just managed to jailbreak iOS 6 with any stability, your testing could be seriously exposed.

Current cloud infrastructure solutions only support cloud-based testing of jailbroken devices, which means you could be covering as little as 20% of the market. My question is – is it worth pitting your business reputation against that massive risk? Testing is unlikely to reflect real user base infrastructures: the behavior will vary and affect your results.

So how do you test successfully? The development community is already fleshing out its demands for Apple iOS 7. In the meantime, a genuine mobile application testing solution should allow you to test on real-devices and emulators within your own environment. It needs to support non-jailbroken devices as well as jailbroken ones to address 100% of your testing needs.


Silk Mobile fits right into that space: no jailbreaking or rooting of devices and you test on the physical device itself. Just perfect where security is a primary concern and you want to be sure you’re testing all iOS functionality. Which raises a final question: what other challenges are you facing around mobile testing? – drop me a line. Frank

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