Lightweight has arrived, and it’s so much better than heavyweight


I’ve often said it’s what you have under the hood that counts. Today’s software has to move away from being restrictive and complex, and instead give you the functionality you want! The power can be there too, of course, but let’s have easy, fully customizable, collaborative UIs that work the way you want – rather than heavyweight tooling that doesn’t.

After talking to developers about it for a while, the Silk Portfolio has now arrived to make lightweight and affordable a reality. I’m really stoked about what this new toolset offers, and I’ve already made it my business to get out there and tell a few developers and testers what a difference it will make to their day-to-day workflow.

What you’ve got here are solutions that can be used by everyone to ensure quality throughout the SDLC. Mobile testing, performance testing, functional testing, automation – everything in one place so you just pick and choose the best solution for your needs. Borland being entirely open, you’re then able to bring together any other test tooling you might use. It’s a portfolio with no complications or flab – even the licensing ranges from absolutely free to a flexible, shared deployment model. Check it out – I’m getting all lightweight about it!

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