When, oh when, can I have my mobile app?

Here’s some pretty revealing Vanson Bourne research which suggests the answer is “5 months”. It does seem the poor mobile developer and tester are having a tough time of it, what with the frequency of iOS releases (discussed before here), all the different flavors of Android , and the pressures of juggling in-house resources with outsourcing to other mobile experts.

Despite all that, as a developer myself, I’m sure not happy about being called ‘sluggish’. It’s time we gave CIOs a good run-down on what’s needed from a development and test perspective to get the job done – and fast. So I’m going to get involved! There’s plenty of food for thought in some of these statistics, so I’ll be back (again) with some views on untangling these issues so mobile app development doesn’t become the poor relation of software development.

Meantime, read the stats and see what you make of them.

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