The real Frank

I’m Frank Borland, and while I’ve been keeping a low profile for quite some years, I’ve not lost touch with what counts.

Some of you might remember me as the guy who helped Borland, many moons ago, to take on big chiefs of the software world. I created some pretty exciting software, including Sidekick and Turbo Pascal, and put it in the hands of developers for a whole lot less money.

Now I’m planning to do the same again. So it’s nice to have this platform to renew the acquaintance of all the loyal developers who made Borland so much like an extended family back in the day.

I’m full of new programming ideas. And I’m ready to deliver once again on that Borland more-bang-for-your-bucks attitude that I so love.

Whether you’re a lone developer, or work in a sizeable Enterprise, watch this space.

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5 Responses to The real Frank

  1. wusaman says:

    I’m curious about what your’re planning.

  2. Anthony Stone says:

    No way! Bring on those simple RAD tools for the new app world!

  3. John Newell says:

    How about updating SideKick 98? It’s still the only database software that does what computer users expect to be able to do on computers but thanks to Windows 7 and 8 it’s threatened with extinction. It causes us small business owners to hold on to creaky, ancient systems long past normal expiry dates while we figure out how to get our lives and businesses back up and running when SideKick doesn’t load. Dying a slow death here on Windows 7.

    • Hi John, thanks for reaching out.

      I hate to hear about your slow Windows 7 based demise – but sadly I am not the droid you’re looking for. Back in the day when Borland got split up, SideKick 98 went to Embarcadero – their Developer network maybe able to help? You may also find some SideKick experts in the Borland Barbarians LinkedIn Group

      Borland Software – like me – is back helping Developers get better software out there faster – you can read all about it here

      ; – [ Frank out

  4. John Newell says:

    Thank you Frank,

    I did manage to load Sidekick on Windows 7 Professional. It only loads if you fill in your name and put in a name of your company or a fictitious one for anyone who is still trying. It apparently doesn’t work on the Home use version of 7.

    Glad you’re back in the saddle in whatever capacity.

    John Newell

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